How to Avoid Hydroplaning Your Vehicle

Every vehicle owner needs to be aware of what to do if the road conditions are hazardous due to excessive water on the road surface. The vehicle may hydroplane, which can happen if the water builds up under the tire and prevents the tire from making full contact with the road. If the tires can't maintain contact, the vehicle can begin to glide across the surface.

The first thing to do to prevent hydroplaning your vehicle is to slow down gradually if you see a large amount of water on the road ahead of you. Drive around 10 miles slower than the speed limit and avoid sudden accelerations. Maintaining your tires in good condition is crucial, as having reduced tread can make it harder for the tires to push the water.

In order to ensure that your tires are in optimum condition, bring your vehicle in to our Alexandria, LA auto service facility for our staff to get your car ready for whatever weather lies ahead. We will check your tires and provide any other service you may require.

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