A Faulty Vehicle Exhaust System Can be Hazardous

We've all heard the stories of people having serious health issues directly related to experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting in a running vehicle. This gas and others can accumulate in your vehicle when the exhaust system isn't functioning correctly, and these gases can be especially dangerous because many of these gases are odorless.

The exhaust system in your vehicle is designed to pass noxious fumes from the engine safely through the system and out through the tail pipe. Signs that the exhaust system may be malfunctioning can be either hissing and popping noises while the vehicle is running or small leaks from any of the components of the exhaust system. Another sign can be increasingly poor gas mileage, which can be caused by exhaust leaks.

If any of these indicators are present when you are driving around Alexandria, then it is a good idea to have your exhaust system vetted. Bring your vehicle in to our car repair facility, and we will service your vehicle and determine if there are any problems.

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