Mazda3 Hatchback: Does Its Design Add Up?

KODO is an interesting word, but it is the word that drives everything that goes into creating a Mazda3 hatchback. It is the design principle that helps keep the vehicles sleek and yet efficient. You can see it in the curves of all of the Mazda3 five-door models.

Practical people will appreciate that the back seats of the Mazda3 hatchback can be folded down in order to create more room for storage of various items. A lot of people place their groceries back there after they have been out and about shopping. Whatever your use of that space, it is nice that it exists in the first place to make life just a little bit easier for us all.

The Mazda3 is something that does not sacrifice on quality at any point in time. You get 37 miles per gallon highway and yet still have a vehicle that is bound to turn heads as you drive on by.



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