Feel Assured of Your Safety in the Mazda3

When you're in your vehicle with loved ones, you want to be assured of your safety. In the popular compact sedan, the Mazda3, there are several features that can prevent a collision. Some accidents are unavoidable. Because of this, the Mazda3 sedan has a construction and features that can reduce the severity of the crash.

The Mazda3 has i-ACTIVSENSE, which uses radar to scan your surroundings. This technology then sends information to you inside of the vehicle via visual and auditory alerts to tell you of potential accidents.

When an accident is unavoidable, you can still be confident that the vehicle will protect you and your passengers. With the SKYACTIVE body, safety belt pretensioners, and airbags, you can be assured that you will be protected from the full force of the impact. The Mazda3 helps you prevent accidents when possible, but it's also there for you when you can't avoid one.



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