First Responder Safety: Move Over

Being a first responder is a dangerous job, but this danger increases when they respond to automobile accidents. When driving it is important to move over and slow down when approaching emergency vehicles with their lights on. Here are reasons why it is important to move over for first responders:

• Oklahoma- While investigating an automobile accident a state trooper was injured and another killed by a driver who failed follow the move over law. (
• Kentucky- One firefighter was struck and killed and another injured when a driver failed to follow the move over law and struck their fire truck as they were trying to put out a car fire. (
• North Carolina- While helping a family whose vehicle was broken down, a tow truck driver was hit and killed by a driver who failed to adhere to the move over law. (

First responders put their lives on the line everyday helping drivers on our roadways. Here at Hixson Mazda of Alexandria we want to make sure everyone is safe, so please obey move over laws.
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