The Mazda CX-5 Can Take You Anywhere

If you're looking at crossover SUVs, remember that the Mazda CX-5 has proven itself to be a consistent performer. It has stylish exterior features, a comfortable cabin, and high-quality components that make it fun and safe to drive.

You can feel comfortable in the CX-5 no matter what the weather is. The available i-ACTIV AWD can automatically activate to reduce traction loss. It continually monitors the temperature, throttle input, and braking patterns to help it adjust appropriately to the conditions. When your drive is relatively easy, like when you're cruising on a country road or going downhill, your engine will also be able to adjust. The SKYACTIV-G engine with Cylinder Deactivation can turn off two out of the four cylinders when they're not needed. This improves overall efficiency.

Want to test drive a CX-5? Stop by Hixson Mazda of Alexandria and we'd be happy to get you set up.



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