Monitor Tire Pressure to Avoid Costly Repairs

While you're driving, you don't want to see any lights on your dashboard come on because they usually indicate a problem with the vehicle. One such light is for the tire pressure. There are a few reasons as to why this light comes on, some that don't mean a problem that is severe.

If your air pressure is low because the temperature changes drastically, then the tire pressure light could come on until you put more air in the tires. Another common reason that the light comes on is if you have a tire that is losing air because there is something inside the tire. Newer cars will often monitor the pressure of the spare tire as well. The light will come on if the pressure gets too low.

When your tire pressure light comes on, visit our Mazda repair facility to get all of your tires checked to determine if there is an issue that would result in your tires being replaced. You can also get someone to examine the tires for routine maintenance to ensure that they are properly inflated.

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