Mazda CX-3: Modern Practicality

Why settle? Get practicality and modern elegance at the same time with the new Mazda CX-3. It’s perfectly understandable that when you shop for a car, especially when you have the family, you’re most interested in safety, simplicity and reliability. Of course, there’s this common preconception that this means you can’t have a nice ride with modern advancements. It’s common to believe that a down to earth, practical design alongside these niceties makes for a very expensive package.

Mazda would beg to differ. The new CX-3 is a perfect blend of modern bells and whistles alongside a safe, practical design. What’s better, is the fact that it comes at a very reasonable price that won’t bankrupt you. What marvelous features are lurking within this modern design? For one, a revolutionary 2.0 liter engine allows for a new level of fuel efficiency and overall durability.

For another, and advanced dashboard display provides for a truly hands-free, voice-enabled experience further amplified by the excellent acoustic design of the cabin. Finally, an onboard display allows you to take advantage of GPS, meaning you will never be lost, while never even having to take your eyes off the road to see where you are.

Interested? Come visit us today at Hixson Mazda of Alexandria for a test drive. Prepare to be dazzled.



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