Safety Features Packed Into the New Mazda3 Sedan

If you are in the market for a new vehicle that comes with more than a few safety features, then this years new Mazda3 sedan compact car is one you certainly need to investigate.

The Mazda3 has a radar system working to identify a threat of a collision on the road ahead and bring you safely to a stop. When the Pre-Collision Assist system identifies a threat of a crash, the driver is warned by a series of tones and visual alerts, followed by the brakes pre-charging to slow your vehicle to a stop in time.

The new Mazda3 comes with the Adaptive Cruise Control for helping to increase driver safety at high speeds. Simply activate the system by choosing your desired speed, and then the radars scan far ahead to locate a lead car and create a buffer zone that is maintained automatically when the car speeds up and brakes.



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