New Mazda3 Offers Upgrades in Style

A 2.5-liter engine is a standard feature in the Mazda3 sedan. This means that you'll have plenty of power while driving around without the increased fuel usage that you might see in cars of a similar size. You'll also be able to get an all-wheel-drive upgrade to make driving on different types of roads a bit easier.

Keep in mind that the rear of the vehicle doesn't offer as much space as the front, which means that legroom is often sacrificed for some of the other upgrades in the sedan. From aluminum trim to accents on the doors that are of faux leather design, you'll feel like you're in a luxury vehicle instead of a Mazda3. Hixson Mazda can assist with other types of upgrades that are available.

Noises are kept to a minimum with improved sound qualities. With the updated and sporty design of the car, it's one that's fun to drive whether you're on the coast or on mountain roads.



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