Tips for Maintaining Your Car's Battery

Your battery is what gives your Mazda the power to start by supplying power to the car's starter. Correctly maintaining your battery will significantly prolong its life and keep you out of inconvenient situations. Having said that, it's not always in your control when your car decides to have a failed battery.

Do you think you need a new battery? When your car doesn't start, it may mean that it's time to buy a new battery or at least service it. Although a failed starter, alternator, or even just weak battery terminals can cause you to have an inconvenient driving situation, keeping your battery charged and functioning properly is key.

When you bring your car to our dealership in Alexandria, LA, our highly trained technicians can test your battery to see if it needs replacement. At Hixson Mazda, we can give you the best advice on buying a new car battery that fits the needs of your specific car.


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