Everyone wants a cleaner car, but visiting a car wash isn't always easy. Don't worry. There are some fundamental steps you can take to make a car cleaner. The finished look might not be perfect, but it could be a tremendous improvement. And you won't need to make a big-time commitment, either.

Throw out all the loose trash. Fast food bags, soda cans, old newspapers have to go. Personal belongings should go into a grocery bag and in the trunk. Make the interior look a little tidier.

Hosing the exterior paint and the tires gets dirt and dust loose. Add a lubricant and a drying agent to a microfiber towel. Wipe the car down. If possible, purchase a cleaning spray for the tires. Use glass cleaner, too. Dry the car as best as possible.

The cleanest car in Alexandria is usually a new one. Check out the models on display at Hixson Mazda of Alexandria and ask about a test drive.


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